Community Wellbeing Questionnaire

Wellbeing is important to all of us and crosses into all areas of our lives from family life, our social lives, working life, health, finances, spirituality and the place we live. At Lubbesthorpe Alive we are particularly interested in

Community Wellbeing – the sense of engagement you have with Lubbesthorpe as a place.

Social Wellbeing – having strong relationships and love in your life within the area you live.

Spiritual Wellbeing – the search for meaning, peace, hope and acceptance both within ourselves and of others.

We have designed a questionniare to help us look at how we might enhance our communities life in the three areas above. The information collected in this questionnaire will be confidential to our enabling group. Your data will be held for the sole purpose of our research into new groups and activities and not passed on to any other parties.

Thank you for helping us with our research!