What’s the difference between Lubbesthorpe Community and Lubbesthorpe Alive?

Lubbesthorpe Community has been the name and logo which has been used for the work Sue Steer, Pioneer Community Worker for Churches Together in Leicestershire (CTog), has been undertaking since September 2016.

Sue arrived in Lubbesthorpe before any residents moved in, with the remit of building a healthy community. As the community has grown and other organisations have arrived, we thought it time to move on from this general title of ‘Lubbesthorpe Community’, to something more specific. That leaves ‘Lubbesthorpe Community’ as a banner for the community in general as well as name for great partnerships to emerge between the different organisations that are now operating.

CTog was the organisation that came in with the sole remit of building healthy community in Lubbesthorpe. The intention was always to pass the oversight of this work to Lubbesthorpe’s residents when they were ready to take it on. Our initial Team have begun that process and we will seek further members to join us to enable us to grow and adapt to this new community.

The Team chose the name Lubbesthorpe Alive and opted to stay with the Lubbesthorpe Community branding that was created by Churches Together so you will see little difference in appearance. Lubbesthorpe Alive is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) .

What is a Community Interest Company?

Our Community Interest Company (CIC) has been set up as a not-for-profit limited company which exists primarily, like a charity, for the greater good and in our case, the benefit of Lubbesthorpe. You might be familiar with organisations known as social enterprises, that is effectively what we are. As a Company it has Directors. None of the Directors are employed or paid by Lubbesthorpe Alive. Sue, as Pioneer Community Worker, is employed by CTog and her paid time is gifted to Lubbesthorpe Alive. All other Directors give of their time freely and voluntarily. See our Our Team page to find out more about our Directors. We will look to recruit more Directors from the community as the organisations work expands.

We chose this type of organisational structure as it is designed to enable social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the public good. CICs have the flexibility and certainty of a company form and will enable us to adapt easily as this community grows. As CIC it has some special features to ensure they are working for the benefit of the community.

Will Sue’s role as Pioneer Community Worker continue?

Sue will continue to be employed by Churches Together (CTog) for the foreseeable future.

Who operates The Hub?

The Hub is currently operated by Churches Together and is owned by The Drummond Estate. Over the next year or so the running of The Hub will be handed over and operated by Lubbesthorpe Alive CIC. Until then CTog will continue to operate and insure the building.

Where does our funding come from?

We are funded from six areas:

  • Churches Together in Leicestershire who will continue to fund the work until other funders contributions rise and the organisation becomes self-sustaining.

  • The Drummond Estate. The Drummond Estate always wanted to see New Lubbesthorpe become a place where people could live, work and play, rather than just another housing estate. They see Lubbesthorpe Alive as a way of continuing that story and after seeing the work that has already been undertaken, have committed to financially invest in the people of Lubbesthorpe through our CIC.

  • Income from groups we run. We ask for small donations for the groups we run and facilitate, this includes financial contributions but also volunteering opportunities. For those who can donate financially we are grateful. We also know an important and key part of growing healthy community is to encourage those who can to give their time and energy so value this equally.

  • Donations from organisations and companies who like what we do. What is says on the tin really, organisations like Davidsons Housebuilders have made contributions to our events and groups to help make them happen.

  • Hub Hire. The Hub is available for residents and local community groups such as The Land Trust, Go Travel Solutions, The Parish Council and the District Council. Residents are also able hire The Hub for family gatherings and parties. All this money is reinvested to ensure The Hub is open regularly, is safe and comfortable and so we can carry out community events and activities at little cost.

  • Grants. From organisations that wish to support community work and those in need of a helping hand.

How are we accountable?

Usually Companies are accountable to their shareholders. As we are not-for-profit company there is no financial gain to be made for shareholders. We believe we should be accountable to our community as they are our reason for being and are effectively our shareholders. We promise to regularly seek feedback from our community to tell us how we are doing as well as ask what they would like to see us achieve.

Each year we will publish a yearly report which includes a financial report. This will be sent to all our supporters and will be available for the local community to see on our website. We will also continue to act in association with Churches Together in Leicestershire. The Pioneer Community Worker role is also accountable to a small group of representatives from the Churches who pay for her time.

Community Interest Companies are also subject to ongoing regulation by the CIC Regulator which helps to create confidence in the integrity of a CIC.

We firmly believe that operating as a CIC, Lubbesthorpe Alive is the best type of organisation, placed in the heart of the community here at Lubbesthorpe, to serve the community and deliver excellent community initiatives and events.

Please do contact us directly at lubbesthorpealive@gmail.com if you have any more questions.