Meet the Team

Our Team seeks to be community innovators and inspire others to do the same. Primarily they are here as a community development organisation, to bring people and organisations together to keep the community story alive here in Lubbesthorpe. You can read more about our Team below.   

Directors' of the social enterprise occupy an important position of trust.  General Company law imposes on them a range of duties to the company and other statutory responsibilities.   The majority of our Directors are voluntary with the exception of Sue Steer who carries out the joint role of Pioneer Community Worker for LA.  Lubbesthorpe Alive also employees Becky Harris as Community Organiser.

Sue Steer - Pioneer Community Worker/Director

I have worked in community engagement for 15 years, setting up welcoming community spaces and groups from scratch. This included rennovating a disused building and turning it into a new Community Centre,  community cafe's, foodbanks, wellbeing and dementia groups as well as fresh expressions of church. 

Arriving in Lubbeshorpe in 2016, I have loved getting to know new residents and am passionate about bringing the whole community together though events and activities believing we are 'better together' whatever our background and belief.   

Becky Harris - Community Organiser

I moved to Lubbesthorpe in March 2018 very pregnant with my son, who arrived 2 weeks after we moved in. I have since given birth to my daughter in March 2021. I joined in the community activities very quickly attending the baby group 'Little Lubbers'. This introduced me to the network of mums I now call close friends.

With a background in events management I quickly got involved in volunteering alongside Sue and organising the community events and love the opportunity  of being an official part of the team as the community organiser. 

Doyin Babajide - Volunteer Treasurer/Director

I moved to New Lubbesthorpe in 2018 with my young family. We felt a deep sense of love and warmth in the community and loved it. 

I understand the benefits of having a vibrant and close-knit community and grateful for the work that has been done so far. 

I am very excited to be part of the continuing work to develop a healthy community in New Lubbesthorpe.

Peter Steere - Volunteer Director

I moved to Lubbesthorpe in June 2017 with my wife and our son, and soon after moving, son number two. We have been part of a community that has grown together, whether toddler groups, playing five-a-side, coffee mornings or trips to the pub with new friends! We've made Lubbesthorpe our home and look forward to raising our family here. 

Jo Kennedy - Volunteer Chair Director

I  moved to New Lubbesthorpe in June 2018 with my little boy.  As soon as we arrived we were welcomed by the Pioneer Community Worker.   I automatically felt a sense of warmth and belonging within the community and joined in groups and events to meet other families living here.  I love the village and is a place where we are settled and I call home.

Luke Pulford -  Volunteer Director

My wife and I moved to New Lubbesthorpe with our three children from LFE in mid 2022. I really wanted to get involved in trying to do what I could to help build a strong community in the area we live. It's great to see the progress that the staff and directors have made already and I look forward to being able to help in the next chapter of the communities development. 

I first moved to Leicester to study Business Management and Enterprise at DeMontfort University.

Most of my professional career has been spent working with or in small businesses.

Emma Gill -  Volunteer Director

I moved to New Lubbesthorpe back in 2017 and have really seen this new and exciting community grow. For me it is important to help bring the whole community together and incorporate all backgrounds and beliefs. 

Professionally I have been developing businesses for over 16 years, my passion is in people and growth. I look forward to helping our vibrant community grow and connect successfully through events and activities.