Photo Competition

July 2020

Here are our winning entries from July's photo competition!

"My son dancing in the storm. We love living in Lubbesthorpe as we have amazing views, and a Community that care about their surroundings. We wouldn’t want to live anywhere else." - Amy

"We love living in New Lubbesthorpe as we get go on long walks and rides on Thomas, especially when there is lots going on at the building site. Archie gets to learn while having fun." -Jo

"Sometimes you can find peace of mind by transferring yourself to different place. This is why we love living in Lubbesthorpe." -Tatiana

"We love living here as there is a strong sense of community, as a sufferer of anxiety and depression this little village has helped me feel at home and safe with everyone looking out for one another. We also love it because our dog Theo gets to meet lots of new friends and gets lovely country walks." -Louise

"We love living in New Lubbesthorpe because of the community. We've had the opportunity to do fun activities involving Mossy Church and the summer camp last year. As a single mum these days really helped stimulate my son as he is very energetic. I've also found a place at The Hub where I can talk to Sue or Tracy and made many friends during toddler groups on a Tuesday, we currently miss this because of the current circumstances but we hope to come together soon." -Jade