Village Square Development

Village Square Development

29th July 2021

Charterpoint would like to thank everybody who responded to our recent consultation regarding our development proposals for the Local Centre on Tay Road, New Lubbesthorpe. We have reviewed your comments and are now able to respond to the points you raised.

  1. Bistro - The most common response related to a need for a local bistro/ restaurant / cafe as a meeting place. We want to include a café\bistro within the local centre and have early interest from proven local operators. Support from local residents for this is really encouraging. We will be requesting that the planning consent allows for up to three of the five retail units to be used as a cafe\bistro. That will form part of the planning submission to Blaby DC.

  2. Parking - We want the Local Centre to be a sustainable destination accessible by all forms of travel. The level of parking has been reviewed against the Leicestershire County Council standards and we are confident that there is sufficient parking within the site to ensure there is no overspill parking onto Tay Road. Within the parking court we will have cycle stands and Electric Vehicle Charging Points.

  3. Care Home – This was always part of our plans for the local centre. The proposed position has changed because we did not receive any interest from pub operators and with think a café\bistro will be more a suitable meeting venue with a more flexible food and beverage offer. There is a shortage of high-quality modern care places within the locality, and we are in advanced discussions with a leading care provider. The care home will make a positive contribution to the community.

  4. Convenience store is welcomed – progress is being made with an operator such that we are confident of delivery.

  5. Rear elevation of Commercial Units – the elevation to the communal car park has been carefully designed to provide an attractive and interesting frontage whilst also meeting the operational requirements of the prospective operators. There will be entrances to the medical centre and café\bistro to provide continued activity through the day. Refuse bins will be located within the building and servicing will take place from a dedicated loading area. The parking area is carefully landscaped

  6. Future Development site –we are exploring a number of uses that will add to the local centre environment.

We intend to submit planning applications for the Local Centre and Care Home within the next 3-4 weeks. The Council will publicise the applications and you will be able to comment direct to them.

If you feel that we can assist you further then please email